The Malden Rotary Club embarked on a TWO Hour Cruise for the purpose of Installing our New President for Fiscal Year 2015-16, Paul Solano.
The boat departed at 6PM sharp with a number of Malden Rotarians on board.  First Mate Rick Burns was there to shove off on this new adventure up the Charles River.
To swear in Paul was the District Governor of 7930 David Manzi.  Other guests included the future First Lady of Malden Rotary, Paul's fiancée, Jackie.  Another guest on the cruise was Mark Lawhorne's Attorney Patti no doubt was there to keep Mark out of any legal trouble.
We dined on chips, cheese, some fruit, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.  The cruise ended before the Prime Rib was served well maybe next installation.
Liz Hart took digital pictures at the bow of the boat of various Rotarians doing their Leonardo DeCarpio imitation, "I'm King of the World".   David Hart gave his critique of Titanic.
The final ceremony began with then Future Past President Debbie Amaral, whose final speech brought two members of the crowd to tears.  Future Past President Debbie seemed to imply that she'd be accompanying Paul and Jackie on their honeymoon. Talk about going the extra mile to assist in transition.
Then came Paul's speech, and Paul did try and adhere to the KISS principle of public speaking Keep It Simple Solano.  We all became worried when Paul began to give his life's story....but it was the abridged version.  In the future I hope Paul will continue with the KISS principal only to Keep It SHORT Solano.
Paul also outlined his vision of the upcoming year to include fun, fund-raising, adding new members, fun and some more fun.  And we might even have a few laughs.
Then Paul introduced his Cabinet for his Administration.  President-Elect will be Mark Lawhorne, President Elect-Elect will be Ronnie Puzon, Secretary and Treasurer (for the Charity Account) David Hart, Historian Barbara Durgin, Bulletin Editor your humble correspondent, Sergeant-At-Arms Carl Rowe, Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms Ron Pressman, MATV Liaison Ron Cox, Veteran's Coordinator Arthur Kahn, Rotary Chef Albert Spadafora and Membership Committee Members Past President Debbie Amaral and Brian Scalisi. Mark Golub was named as Assistant Area Governor and rumor has it that Liz Hart will be the future President Elect-Elect-Elect. 
Our next meeting will be July 1, 2015 at Anthony's at 12:15 PM.  Bring a guest as a potential new member. On July 8th we have Comedian Dave Russo doing his comedy schtick (sp?) for our Club and lots of visitors to benefit the Jimmy Fund.